Why Join a Referral Group?

Membership Will Help Your Business Grow

Most business owners would agree that word-of-mouth is still, in this digital age, the best form of marketing. At Lane Business Referral Partners (LBRP), each member business becomes an extension of you, helping to identify and generate leads and referrals that will help your business grow.

We offer you the opportunity to form personal connections with up to 25 other business leaders who will learn about you and your business and consistently look for ways to refer or utilize your services. Once you join, another business that does what you do cannot also join.

LBRP is unlike other referral groups in that we desire to remain fairly small and exclusive so as not to outgrow our ability to truly interact with each other.

We do not have referral requirements but simply ask each member to get to know other members, learn about their businesses and do their best to identify potential leads.

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