Liz: Writes a letter to each client thanking him or her for being a client & says how much she appreciates their business. She says that in lieu of a gift, she will make a donation to two different agencies, one national and one local. She always gets letters and phone calls back with appreciation.

Molly: Last year, they sent a holiday flier with a picture of the Therapeutic Associates employees with a magnet to put up in their referral partners’ staff break rooms, along with a poinsettia with a logo sticker. They include a handwritten holiday note fortheir top 25 referral partners. They hold an “Ugly Sweater Day” for patients and celebrate Christmas in clinics.

Ginger: They send cards out to everyone and for some clients, will send baskets & gifts during holidays or other times of year (like to CPAs during tax season).

Jessica/Re-Max: On December 2, they host a FREE picture with Santa at Hilton Garden Inn. Jessica gets copies of the photos, frames, and hand delivers them. Pets and kids friendly event. She also prints a referral guide every year and sends it to clients, people new to Eugene, etc.

Selene: Sends personalized letters with tax organizers with tips and such. They used to have an open house at her house for select clients.

Patrick: Calls clients he helped through the year & sends out letters to those who have been longer than a year.

Christmas Card ideas:

  • Christmas grams.
  • Hand addressed.
  • Photos of staff.
  • Humorous photos.

Other ideas:

  • Baskets of assorted items for larger clients.
  • Thanksgiving cards instead noting what you are “thankful for”.
  • Open house with goodies and such.
  • Harry and David baskets or food of any kind.
  • Invite people in for a coat drive or toy drive and enjoy a hot alcoholic beverage or goodies.
  • Barrels for donations from non-profits & note/email/letter to client about it.