Thanks to David Allen from Schweitzer’s Automotive for the informative presentation about Check Engine Lights today. Once a week one member from our group gives an informative talk or requests a master mind where other LBRP members provide insight and advice related to a specific issue or problem presented.

check engine lightWhat to know about the Check Engine Light:

  • Many times, your gas cap might not be tight enough. Check that first.
  • Still on? Normally a Check Engine Light points to a serious issue so have it checked out by your preferred repair shop. Knechts will also check them, but the code relayed will only give you an idea of what has happened and not paint the full picture.
  • Check Engine Lights do not come on because your oil is low.
  • Newer cars will adjust systems to keep the light off, so when it goes on, it is very important to have it checked out.
  • Ignoring the light often will cost you more $$ when you finally take it in.
  • If the light is flashing, get help immediately.
  • To make sure the light is still working, just see if it lights up when you switch your engine to on without turning it over.

Other Notes by David Allen:

  • Pay attention to recalls and manufacturer notices. David has seen many cars come in too late to be covered with very costly repairs needed.
  • Get a pre-purchase inspection or at least Google the make of car and see what troubles it typically has.
  • Did you know that the official color for school buses is “national school bus glossy yellow”? 🙂