Peggy Whalen presented about the Science Factory in Eugene, OR. Science Factory’s mission is to engage, excite, and inspire children (and adults) toward a lifelong love of learning about science, technology, and humanity. Here are a few notes from her presentation:

  • Peggy worked as executive director at Womenspace and discovered a passion for fundraising.
  • She applied on a whim for the job of Development Director at Science Factory.
  • Switching from serious and heart breaking matters to something fun has been refreshing for Peggy.
  • Science Factory has been around since 1961. It started out as SWOMSI, an off-shoot of OMSI where the Oregon Electric Station is.
  • In the 70s, it moved to Alton Baker Park and changed to WISTEC. The Planetarium was owned and operated by Lane ESD.
  • In 2003, reopened as Science Factory. In 2004, acquired the Planetarium.
  • Only hands on science center in our community.
  • Over 35,000 people through the door.
  • Business Sponsorships are available for businesses (a camp, a planetarium show, or even an exhibition).
  • Science Factory creates 3 exhibitions a year.
  • There is a Fundraising Gala coming up on May 5
  • Peggy has a 15 year old and loves her job!
  • Membership includes access to museums all across the country.
  • Programs are not just for grade school.
  • Science Factory is attempting to connect with 4J through STEM related programs.
  • Connections with University of Oregon are challenging, but they continue to attempt to make headway in collaborating.

Visit¬†Science Factory’s website¬†for more information.