Suggestions for how to control what employees and clients perceive vs. what is real:

  • Write detailed proposals or scopes of work.
  • Update regarding progress daily or provide frequent updates. Over communicate.
  • Under promise & over-deliver.
  • Have regular team meetings to discuss issues.
  • Make sure all parties are on same page. Like, for instance, board members.
  • Hold branding training and form strong policies/procedures to support your brand. Branding should be about what you value, and how you want to be seen and that should inform everything you do from human resources to customer service and sales.
  • Be careful with apologies (particularly with what you can’t control).
  • Be okay with losing business for the short term. If you provide an amazing value, they will be back.
  • Try to manage expectations at the beginning by communicating potential obstacles, timelines, etc. in order to attempt to mitigate disappointment.