Things to Avoid When Networking

Here are a few things to avoid when networking:

  • Limiting your circle of contacts: Expand your network to include professionals at varying experience levels, not just your peers. Also look outside of your industry for potential contacts.
  • Overlooking new venues: Networking isn't just for business occasions. Make an effort to meet new contacts at social gatherings, and always carry business cards with you.
  • Having a hidden agenda: Be upfront about the assistance you seek and prepare a quick pitch to support it. Others will appreciate your candor and be better able to help you.
  • Being overly aggressive: While it's important to communicate regularly with people in your network, avoid becoming a disruption. This is one of the most important professional networking tips to remember because your contacts will quickly ignore your requests if you become too overbearing.
  • Failing to write down pertinent information: After meeting a new contact, jot down a few notes about your conversation so you can reference these details in the future. 
  • Lacking appreciation: Always let people know you value their help. A simple thank-you note or email is appropriate.