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Staying in Touch and Working with Clients During the Holidays (and Other Times)

Liz: Writes a letter to each client thanking him or her for being a client & says how much she appreciates their business. She says that in lieu of a gift, she will make a donation to two different agencies, one national and one local. She always gets letters and phone calls back with appreciation.

Give Value in Networking

(Written by Patrick Crawley)

The fastest way to grow your network is to connect with powerful connecters. Most of these connecters tend to be high-status people - so how do you get in touch with them?

Give value.

Just Give - That's the Key

(Written by Patrick Crawley)

To achieve maximum benefits while attending any function where the opportunity for networking exists, it is important to have a clear understanding of networking. You will notice that my definition of networking has two parts: #1 - helping others, and #2 - helping yourself, in that order.

Credit Monitoring and Credit Health by Columbia Bank

Today's short presentation was given by Ginger Balazs who manages Columbia Bank in Eugene. She spoke to our group about Credit Health and encouraged each member to get a credit report every 6 months or at least yearly and to be aware of their credit score and activity.

Through, you can obtain a free yearly report from all three credit bureaus:,, and You will be able to see if erroneous information appears and if it does, dispute it directly with the reporting organization or the credit bureau themselves.


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