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March 12, 2018

11:50 - 12:45


A&M Auto Body

Ken Vendley Agency – Farmer’s Insurance

Contractor’s Electric

Eugene Science Center

Stifel Financial



West Side Stamp & Printing

Lori Reed – Professional Organizer


Check-ins and Announcements:


  • Eugene Science Center is having $10 off all memberships this week!
    • They are also offering spring break camps for kids 7th grade and below. Memberhship discounts available.
  • Educational moment – Give a referral, get a referral! The best way to get more business is to give others business. They will be more likely to return the favor.


This Week’s Speaker:

Olivia Crowley – UplinkSpyder

Web Design, SEO, and Your Business


UplinkSpyder is a web design and Internet marketing company. We’re pretty small, only 6 employees, but we work with a large scope of clients. Our clients include everything from a cat kennel to an automotive refinishing company. We build responsively as well as responsibly, to ensure you have a beautiful and bug-free website for YOUR clients to enjoy.

What exactly is Web Design? It’s more of a process rather than an individual definition. When we get a new website project, there are the same steps to get the ball rolling. Every website we build starts on paper. We create a paper mockup for the homepage, to ensure that the first thing customers see represents your brand accurately. From there we create a digital version, usually in either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. This is still just a picture, but it can look identical to the end result. From there, if the client approves, we begin to build.

Every website online has a bit of two specific coding languages in it: HTML and CSS. Think of HTML as a document file, while CSS is the style guide. You write what you need in HTML, and CSS makes sure all of your fonts and colors are applied to your new sections.

At UplinkSpyder, we build using Wordpress. Wordpress is a powerful web builder capable of creating nearly any style website you need. It builds using modules, which allows us to build you websites faster. There are also a number of excellent plug-ins to ensure that your specific web need is put into practice on your website. We create e-commerce websites, contact forms, email sign-ups, and even pop ups for special sales. Wordpress allows our designers and marketing specialists to build it all.

It’s 2018, and we all look more and more up on our phones. Websites today need to be responsive in their look. This means automatically adjusting the webpage depending on the screen size it’s being viewed on. We build responsively, meaning there is no missing content off the edge of the screen. This building technique is similar to a flexible grid: certain elements push below others to keep their overall dimensions and move in clusters so all related content is kept in it’s family. We try ti minimize needless scrolling and build to keep people on websites because they’re enjoyable, not because they’re endlessly searching for what they need.

How do you search for websites? The search terms that you use daily on the web are taken into account when building websites. This is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. SEO usually consists of one or two words that a potential customer would look up to find more information. When we build a website, we put these searches into specific pages as keywords. The more instances of a keyword on a page, the more likely you will be to pop up in a search.

Internet marketing is where our content writers really shine. These services can include social media campaigns, email marketing, and special offers for your customers. Internet marketing has drastically changed the way that businesses and clients interface. Where else are you able to talk with a large company instantly and publicly?

Customer service is more important now than ever. People look up Facebook, Yelp and Google reviews of businesses all the time when making a decision on who they want to work with. We can create and maintain all of these pages for you so that you’re never in the dark on how the public is interacting with your business electronically.

We’ve created some great marketing campaigns in the past and we strive to make each new one memorable and fun. An example is our ongoing work with Ron’s Island Grill – each week we do a $10 gift card giveaway on Facebook. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of people, see these posts.

Whether you need help with a one-time project or an ongoing marketing relationship, UplinkSpyder is up to the task. We love what we do, and we’d love to work with you.

March 5, 2018



A&M Auto Body

Bullseye Carpet Cleaning

Cascade Title & Escrow

Lori Reed – Professional Organizer

Therapeutic Associates at Gateway


Contractor’s Electric

Stifel Financial

Eugene Science Center


Jessica Johnston – RE/MAX Integrity


Check-ins and Announcements:

  • Now that we know who has paid membership dues this year, we can officially announce openings in certain areas!
    • Yardcare, Mortgage, and Plumbing categories are now open!
    • Columbia Bank has not paid dues, and Ginger is transitioning into a new role in commercial lending so her membership is unknown.
  • Therapeutic Associates now has weekly fitness classes! They are at 7:30/7:45pm and are FREE
    • They offer modifiers (pillows, wedges, etc.) to ensure that people of all skill levels can follow along
    • Also starting to offer prenatal yoga classes
  • Tariffs have been in the news lately, but rest assured none have been put into place or altered. Tariffs can hurt the economy by taking out jobs in certain sectors, not replacing them in the same numbers in other sectors. The market is going back up, and there is no cause for alarm.
  • Laser shows at the Eugene Science Center are going on until the end of the month. After that, you’ll have to wait until next year! Stop in for shows featuring the sounds of the Beatles, Pink Floyd and more!
  • Networking Tip of the week: Ask more questions!
    • Getting to know someone helps tremendously in gaining more business. Someone is much more likely to refer you to someone if they feel comfortable and friendly with you.


This Week’s Speaker:

Tina Nault – Cascade Title Co.


Cascade Title Co. has been in business for 65 years and has always prided itself on being a local-oriented and locally run company. The owner’s name is Tom McMahon and inherited the company from his father before him. They have grown deep roots in the community and hire local companies first. Unlike many other escrow offices, Cascade never outsources employees from other countries. All of their employees work within the offices at one of their three locations in Lane County. They even employ local companies for events and small services: once a month Cascade Title hosts a birthday party for their employees and the cakes they buy are from a local bakery.

Having only local employees helps with business being faster and more efficient: if a question arises, one needs only to call the floor below to resolve the issue. It also helps gain trust and develop relationships with clients. Cascade Title Co. offers tours of their facilities to interested clients, showing them exactly who they will be interfacing with throughout the whole process. The company strives to be self-sufficient. One of the pieces in this goal is having two internal lawyers, one being the owner, Mr. McMahon.

Tina loves her job. What’s not to love? As an escrow officer, she gets to help clients in life-changing decision making processes. She also gets to work with new real estate agents and meet local professionals. The whole goal of her company is to help others, and she feels this is an important and achieved goal in her professional life.  Cascade Title Co. is a family business from its roots and history. The company currently employs two of Tom McMahon’s children. Tina believes that the family aspect of the company keeps it feeling local, regardless of growth.

In addition to title and escrow services, Cascade offers a variety of other services, ranging from servicing loans to looking into property lines. They can handle your 1031 exchanges and any real estate reports. The loans department can also help you out with collections; they will forward your information to Cascade’s very own collections department! Having all of these services under the same roof ensures that you won’t spend more time fixing errors that other companies can create.

Cascade Title Co. is the proud owner of some of the oldest records in Lane County. In fact, the county often calls Cascade when they are looking for a document. The company offers tours of their records and will be happy to assist you, often at no cost, in finding the document you need.

Notary is another service that Cascade Title Co. offers. They will notarize at no cost, ensuring you don’t pay double taxes and that there are no duplicate titles or errors in your documents. Cascade Title Co. is truly a customer service oriented company.

Tina has worked in other escrow offices and has found that the business methods of Cascade are superior to those in other escrow offices. She particularly likes the fact that all of the departments are housed under the same roof. If an employee has a question, they can get the answer in person, with no miscommunication. This also ensures that there are no work-arounds for the company, making them a very legal and respectful option in the title and escrow business.

Tina went to community college and then graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in general accounting. For a few years she worked as an accountant, but became interested in escrow. She switched gears and took a job as an escrow assistant at a local company, working her way up to Escrow officer.

The process from an interested homebuyer to a final meeting with an escrow officer takes a very standard path.

  • First, a sales agreement is written up with the realtor, buyers and sellers.
  • This sales agreement is given to the title department.
  • They use it to look for federal and local leans, which might influence a base price or agreement. They also take this time to pull legal descriptions as well.
  • The title department then takes this information to the buyers and sellers.

Tina recommends keeping all of your titles! You never know whether or not something had been filed incorrectly in the past, especially in the case of death where one party cannot be contacted for information.


Thank you for your insightful speech Tina!


Don't forget to vote for your favorite LBRP members in the final voting phase of Register Guard's Reader's Choice Awards! Voting ends March 11th! 

February 26, 2018

11:45 - 12:45


Lori Reed

Farmers Agency

A & M Auto body


Contractor’s Electric

Therapeutic Associates

Eugene Science Center

Stifel Financial

West Side Stamp and Printing

Cascade Title & Escrow



Therapeutic Associates at Gateway is now hosting free exercise classes! In addition to that, they are also now offering massage therapy.
There are two fundraisers this week for the Eugene Science Center. Come over to Wine Lab on Tuesday night from 5-8 to do fun science activities with the whole family. They will also be at Oakshire Brewing on Wednesday night from 5-8.
We agreed on the letter format that the membership committee put together. We plan on sending these to the Eugene Chamber of Commerce. The letterhead will reflect the new branding. UplinkSpyder volunteered to make a new flyer, which will accompany new marketing efforts to expand our group.


This Week’s Presentation- Lori Reed

Professional Organizer

Lori is a professional organizer right now, but she offers many different services in addition to her organizational skills. She acts as a project manager when working along side you, targeting the cluttered areas in your home, office, or other space.

Originally from Springfield, Lori married her high school sweetheart and moved to Portland to raise her family. She returned to Springfield after her children had grown to take care of her aging mother. She is semi-retired and likes to use the time she has to help others. This is where her business falls into place.

Organization has a direct impact on one’s motivation. Lori works with clients to ensure that they stay motivated throughout any process, whether it be moving, downsizing, de-cluttering, or making arrangements after the loss of a loved one. The important part of any business relationship is trust, and Lori works to ensure that trust is maintained through each step of the process.

In a lot of scenarios, Lori finds herself in a client’s home. The home is the most personal space that you can own. To make the process as comfortable as possible, Lori will plan her job with pictures and walkthroughs with her clients. The first hour-long session is free, furthering the motivation and trust between Lori and her clients.

Having a timeline for a reorganizing project is essential to getting to the end goal of a clean and organized space. In her experience, Lori Reed has found that 4 hours is the magic timeframe for project completion—it’s not overwhelming, but still puts aside enough time for thorough work. This also allows for more flexible hours in scheduling: Lori is available during days, evenings, and weekends.

There are a few rooms in every home that are especially prone to gathering clutter: closets, pantries, basements, attics, garages, even your vacation home. When you find yourself wondering what to do with excess items in these and other locations, you have ten options:

  1. Donate
  2. Sell
  3. Throw away
  4. Give away
  5. Relocate
  6. Repurpose
  7. Recycle
  8. Keep it where it’s at
  9. Display
  10. Bequeath it to someone

Although some of these options may seem obvious, going through the list will help you recognize what items you need to keep and what you can do without.

Organization doesn't just happen in large rooms. Lori can help you organize many aspects of your life, no matter what size. She assists with organizing medications, photographs, even guiding you through the process of digitizing and developing photos, videos and audio files. Do you need help setting up your holiday decor? Lori is more than willing to lend a hand with decorating and tearing down after the holidays are over.

An overlooked, but essential task that every family should partake in is ensuring that an emergency plan is in place. Lori recommends having 60 days worth of supplies, food and otherwise, in case of an emergency. Should you find yourself or a loved one in a state of emergency, having a back up will be a comforting and potentially life saving choice.

When you do decide that an object (or a few) are no longer needed around your home or in your storage, Lori can help you navigate e-commerce websites and help you sell your used items. In every scenario, Lori strives to give you the tools you need to develop healthy organizational habits, while giving you tips and tricks to help you along the way.

At this point in the presentation, Lori took out some bins and other items to visually show us what unconventional options to use when trying to tidy your spaces.

  • Boxes are a great tool to keep large cabinets and cupboards organized. The “slideablilty” of boxes allows for items to be stored behind them. Just don’t over pack the boxes!
  • Fishing gearboxes keep small items organized and easy to access. Try using this tip at your workbench, sewing table, or in your office.
  • Too many cords in storage? Try putting each rolled cord in a toilet paper roll! This reduces the risk of tangling, saving you time.
  • Bread wrapper pieces are another great way to keep your cords organized. Attach a bread wrapper at each end of your cord and label what it is currently plugged in to. This is especially helpful with computers.
  • Tension rods help separate spaces in cupboards and cabinets. Hanging s-hooks from them is a great way to store your cleaning supplies or bathroom products.

When considering all of these tips, it is important to recognize why we need to organize in the first place. What’s so wrong with the way things are? Organizing, the actual act of organizing, can reduce stress, gives you more freedom and boosts your confidence. Once the space is organized, you will be saving yourself time from looking for lost items, saving money because you will no longer wonder whether or not you already bought something, and reduces the burden of cleaning more things! A healthy lifestyle is built within a healthy space, call Lori to ensure your home and office are clean and managed.

At this point, Lori took questions from the group.


Q: We all have a grocery bag drawer, what should we do about this?

A: Realistically, you will only use 4 of those bags. Get rid of the rest! In Eugene, many people use reusable grocery bags too. Keep these right by the door so you never leave them at home.


Q: What is a good way to reduce clutter when you have a lot of large sentimental items?

A: Do you use it? Do you get joy out of owning it? If not, perhaps take a picture of it and sell it. But it’s okay to keep things! If it makes you happy, then it might be worth a little hassle.


Q: Do you work with kids and teenagers?

A: I don’t clean for people, but I do talk them through the process of organization. Bins are a great organizational tool for children, make it a game and have them organize their belongings with other like-items. Another great way to keep children’s spaces clean is to dump a drawer out and organize it all back in.


Thank you for the great presentation Lori!

February 5, 2018

11:45 - 12:45


Westside Stamp and Printing

Eugene Science Center


Therapeutic Associates at Gateway

Contractors Electric

Farmers Insurance

Bulls Eye Carpet Cleaning


Lori Reed – Professional Organizer

A&M Autobody


The stock market is dropping drastically. It’s a great time to invest!

The presentation last week was great! Did anyone change their workstation up after hearing about office ergonomics?

Coldfire Brewery is hosting a fundraiser for Eugene Science Center this Wednesday!

Did you suffer a hit and run? A&M will buff out your scuffs, often at no cost.


Today's Speaker: Jeff Turner from Bulls Eye Carpet Cleaning

Superbowl Sunday was yesterday! Did you accidentally spike your nachos? We can help out.

A lot of people ask, “Why actually clean carpet?” Aside from reducing smell for your day-to-day life, it’s also a great idea to ensure that all the accumulation from a previous tenant is cleaned out. What’s better than a new house? A clean new house!

Did you know that your carpet is the largest air filter in the house? When you clean your carpet, you are reducing the amount of particles in your house. Although carpet is often considered an aesthetic choice, it can also help your health if you keep up with regular cleaning. Unlike hardwood, carpet traps air pollutants, keeping your air cleaner. However, those pollutants need to be eradicated regularly. There are three main ways to clean your carpet, each with a different tier of efficiency:

  1. Vacuuming
  2. Renting or buying a steam cleaner
  3. Hire a professional

Aesthetic choices for carpet can often boil down to maintenance. People think carpet looks dingy. You can repair your carpet and take preventative steps to ensure your carpet has a long life.

Vacuuming regularly is essential for healthy carpet and air quality. However, there are good vacuum practices and bad vacuum practices. Vacuuming too fast can cause carpet damage. The underside of a vacuum has a beater brush. This brush is line with bristles and spins to kick up dirt and debris stuck in the carpet. However, carpet is braided thread. Just like hair, you can’t just comb through braids and not see some damage. Vacuuming more slowly reduces the wear and tear that your carpet can experience. You can have all the suction in the world, but if you don’t have a good beater brush, your carpet will never be fully clean.

It is also important to clean your vacuum regularly. You should be replacing a vacuum bag when it is half full- the other half of the bag is for airflow. Fill it any further and you will see a drastic reduction in suction.

Moving your furniture around is often an oversight when thinking of carpet quality. We naturally wear down paths in our homes. If you rearrange your furniture, these paths will become less obvious. Much like ombre hair, carpet is made to look full using many shades. The “root” color is often much darker than the tip of carpet strands. When you wear paths into your carpet, you literally wear and tear the ends off of the carpet, exposing the darker color. This makes your carpet appear dirty even with regular upkeep.

A seemingly obvious care tip: clean up your spills immediately. Club soda and hydrogen peroxide are great solutions for dark stains. When cleaning up a spill, try blotting with a clean white towel.

Taking your shoes off indoors is a great way to keep your carpets cleaner for longer. With pets, be sure to wipe their paws and keep a mat by your door. A mat is essential for any entryway because it naturally will pick up most of the debris from your shoes. A good mat must be at least 3-4 feet long. However, a mat will not help with hardwood floors. If you have hardwood on your first floor and carpeted stairs, keep a mat at the bottom of your stairs.

At this point in the presentation, Jeff took questions from the group.

Q: Do you work with property managers?

A: Yes! I work with a few property managers on campus. Some are contracted jobs; others are on an on-call basis.

Q: How often do you recommend getting your carpets professionally cleaned?

A: Once a year- at least! Depending on your personal cleaning habits, once a quarter might be necessary. Even if you don’t use a particular room, dust still accumulates and needs to be taken care of every time you clean your carpets.


The DOW is down over 1000 points – first time that has ever happened. However, it is more important to keep track of the percentage drop. The stocks are up 30% since Trump took office, so 1000 points is less overall than it could appear to be. This drop is still a sign of a weakened economy. Keep in mind we are not on the brink of a collapse. The market has circuit breakers in place to ensure that no extreme damage is done at a drastic rate.

It’d be great to do some volunteer work as a group! Perhaps FFLC.

Steak lunch for the group! 2 weeks from this meeting.


Thank you for the presentation Jeff! 

January 29, 2018

11:45 - 12:45


A&M Auto Body

Therapeutic Associates (with guest speaker, Josh Hagemeyer, PT, DPT)


Curb to Roof

Contractor’s Electric

Ken Vendley Agency Farmer’s Insurance


Westside Stamps & Printing

Wendy Gregory Photography

BullsEye Carpet Cleaning


Today’s Speaker - Josh Hagemeyer, DPT from Therapeutic Associates of Gateway

            Josh started out the presentation by handing out the official Therapeutic Associates magazine, a nationally distributed magazine for all of the TA branches. All Therapeutic Associates locations are locally owned, but are part of an overall company. Therapeutic Associates at Gateway prides itself on having a small company and personal feel, but having resources and connections that spread further than just a local business could do. Josh Hagemeyer owns and operates both the office at Gateway as well as a new location in Creswell. The Therapeutic Associates at Creswell just opened last October and is where Dr. Hagemeyer is based most frequently.

            Therapeutic Associates recommends going to a PT first if you have aches or pains. To keep your bills low, they offer free injury screenings and can diagnose based off of a number of symptoms, including dizziness, numbness, aches and pains. They can also treat vertigo, aid with fall prevention, and help with any smaller concerns a patient might present.

            Many of the injuries that Therapeutic Associates treat stem from work related habits and accidents. They do business calls and ergonomic lessons, which usually last about half an hour, and include a visit to a company and specific suggestions and presentations in an office to help workers learn healthier office habits. They also provide physical biomedical screenings for physical labor workers. Much like their office calls, they will go to your place of work and observe squatting techniques and lifting techniques to keep employees’ strain at a minimum.

Office Ergonomics

            Office ergonomics is essential knowledge for anyone working at a desk for long hours. A key part of an ergonomically aligned workspace is having a chair that allows for a tilt. However, tilting back in a chair can lead to excessive pressure on the spine and further advance discomfort. The recommended position for sitting in an office chair is allowing your feet to be flat on the ground, knees slightly lower than your hips, and having the backrest at an anterior tilt, pushing you closer to your workspace. This ensures that your body weight rests mostly on your feet rather than your bottom and spine.

            Although it might be attractive to arrange your workspace based on aesthetic, often times the seemingly harmless positioning of items on your desk can further create discomfort over time. If your job includes answering the phone frequently, put the phone close to your reach. If you are on the phone for extended periods of time and must multitask while doing so, a headset is an excellent idea. Cradling a phone in your shoulder can lead to neck issues overtime.

            Another neck strain is putting a computer monitor in the wrong position. The top of your head should always align with the top of your computer monitor. This keeps your neck straight and your spine aligned. If you use dual monitors, the best set-up includes your main monitor being directly in front of your chair position.

            While typing, the best position for your arms is a right angle. Keep your keyboard close to your center and at a slightly lowered height. A keyboard drawer is a great way to keep at the 90-degree angle your arms naturally like to be at. Avoid resting your hands on a keypad or mouse pad unless you truly are at rest.  Resting your wrist while scrolling can cause carpal tunnel as well as tennis elbow. When using a mouse, keep your hand upright, as if you were playing the piano. This keeps the wrist tendons from stretching too much.

            Is sitting the new smoking? Josh Hagemeyer believes this to be the case. Sitting too long can cause diabetes as well as back issues. With the growing number of desk jobs, this has become a serious problem for many full-time office workers. When possible, a standing desk is a great solution to the posture related problems a desk job can create. Josh recommends standing at least once an hour, if not once every half hour, to keep your body moving and your back healthy.

            If you have a standing desk and feel stagnant still, a small footstool allows your stature to change while shifting your weight between your feet. An anti-fatigue mat is also a great addition to a standing workstation. These reduce the pressure put on your joints. While a standing station can be cost-prohibitive to many companies, physical therapists endorse the benefits that they provide and can write a doctor’s note to your employer if necessary.

Driving Ergonomics

            Not all jobs happen in an office setting and major strains on the body can come from time spent in a vehicle. When driving, Josh recommends breaking up the trip every hour to stretch and get your body moving. In the trucking industry, employees are often expected to move heavy loads and then sit still for many hours at a time. This exertion of energy followed by immobility is a physically damaging practice and should be avoided when possible.

            If you experience shoulder pain when driving, try positioning your arms at a lower point on the steering wheel. We tend to slouch overtime, so practice adjusting your rearview mirror when you have good posture. Just like an office chair, avoid reclining your car seat too far. In the case of bucket seats, place a rolled up towel behind your lumbar or get a wedge seat to keep you upright and comfortable.

All the rest

            At this point, Josh took questions from the group. The first question was how often a PT would recommend adjusting throughout the day. In an ideal workday, you would spend ¾ of your time standing with half-hour breaks to sit if you became uncomfortable. Realistically, it boils down to rotating your position and taking breaks from any one position. It also helps a lot to keep your body movements balanced. If you use a mouse with your right hand, keep your phone on your left side. As always, sit upright! One reason that so many people feel exhausted after a day of work is because their posture is actually affecting their breathing. A slumped back restricts airways, leaving you feeling out of breath and in need of even more time sitting down once your workday ends.

            Disrupting your small habits is a great way to actually observe your personal rituals and tendencies. Josh Hagemeyer often uses tape on his patients’ backs to show them how their posture changes overtime. Tape is placed in an “x” while the patient is in an upright position. Then when they change their posture, the tape pulls on the skin, giving a subtle signal to sit up.

            Sensitive reminders such as this are great way to kick stubborn habits. If your job includes a lot of computer time, Josh recommends using a screen lock out to remind you to get up and stretch every hour or so. Another great example of a sensitive reminder is a water bottle with a light installed, keeping you on track of your water intake throughout the day.

            Whether you are a geriatric, pediatric, general, or athletic patient, Therapeutic Associates can help you get out of your office chair and back on your feet. With 1 PT at their Creswell location and 4 PTs at Gateway, they currently see between 150-200 patients a week. Stop in to either location to keep your body and mind healthy and stretched.

Thank you Josh Hagemeyer for your great presentation!