Minutes from the last four meetings will be updated here each week.

May 15, 2016

Marketing Minute

This week's Marketing Minute included tips on what to avoid when networking. Read the tips

​​General Notes 

  • A suggestion was made to buy the ​29% Solution Book by Ivan Misner.​
  • Liz mentioned that she will once again host a garden lunch this Summer at her house for our group. Meanwhile, she’s one of 6 houses featured as part of the Eugene Symphony Garden Tour on Sunday, June 12. Her garden/home will feature a plant sale, live music, art displays and more.
  • Wendy mentioned that the Jordan Schnitzer Museum has an excellent New Exhibit on EC Comics that she encouraged everyone to check out.
  • Ken is looking for a new employee. Preferably someone willing to do sales and administrative work, who is also tech savvy. He’s paying $14 plus commission.

Board Positions

It’s time to nominate a new board (end of June). Ken encouraged everyone to think about serving. So far, Byron has been mentioned for President and Becky said she’d take over as Secretary. Deanna offered to coordinate speakers and Liz or Sandi were mentioned as potential greeters. Also, Selene will carry on as treasurer.

Next Week’s Speaker


Notes from this Week’s Mastermind

The problem presented was how to control what employees and clients perceive vs. what is real. Read the suggestions.