Camas Swale Medical

Industry: Family Medicine, Primary Care
Contact: Damon Armitage MD, Owner; Sarah Cox, Owner
Phone: 541-658-5301
Fax: 541-658-5304
Location: 170 Melton Road, Creswell, OR 97426
Mail: PO BOX 1060, Creswell, OR 97426
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About the Company:

Camas Swale Medical is a Family Medicine outpatient care organization. As a patient centered medical home we are committed to understanding you, your family, and your health care needs to provide exceptional care centered around each member of your family. We serve all ages, addressing needs ranging from prevention to routine care of illness and injury; and specialized care for many complex and urgent diseases, injuries, and conditions. We offer full spectrum care designed to minimize delays and optimize health for our patients, including office surgical procedures, testing, blood draws, and specialist coordination of care. We also offer Occupational Health services including Class I, II and III FAA flight physicals, DOT commercial driving license (CDL) physicals for drivers and equipment operators, and treatment for work related injuries and rehabilitation. We also have superb Physical Therapy services in house through Josh Hagemeyer with Therapeutic Associates. Our specialty is providing our community patient centered care in an era where industry constraints are forcing doctors to spend less time with patients, and delegate much of their decision making.

We are owned by Damon Armitage, MD, a Willamette Valley native who has been practicing Family Medicine since 2005 and Sarah Cox, RMA from Creswell, OR. Dr. Armitage has 16 years of service in the Air Force Medical Corps, with leadership experience that has included a total of 5 deployments and advanced training in emergency medicine and critical care. In addition to her clinical proficiencies Sarah has more than 12 years’ experience in medicine including credentialing, management, contracting, and compliance.


As an independent medical office our advantage is in providing more comprehensive, flexible care to our patients, focusing on personal health goals and priorities. We maximize the valuable time of our patients and develop treatment plans designed to address total health. Building trust in relationships is a prime factor for us, and word of mouth referrals based on this trust and the quality of care our patients experience is our best advertising. Networking is an important component of informing the community about our quality services, and how patients can benefit from our care.

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