Referral Partners Focused on Your Business

Grow Your Business Together

Lane Business Referral Partners is a diverse group of business professionals dedicated to it's members in both personal and business growth.

Why Join a Referral Network?

At Lane Business Referral Partners, you can meet other people who want their business to grow. When you help their business grow, they help your business grow.

Added benefits of joining Lane Business Referral Partners include: 

  • Helpful marketing information and tools
  • Fun social events
  • Yummy lunches 
  • Community connections

Don't have a referral every week? It's ok! 

Our weekly networking meetings also serve as opportunities to:

  • Have a one-on-one. Spend a little time getting to know someone and it will become easier to refer them, and vice-versa.
  • Bring someone new. Invite someone new to a weekly meeting. Friend, colleague, or even a family member!
  • Share a testimonial. Share something nice about someone else in the network.

As a Member of Lane Business Referral Partners, you can count on an extended network of friendly individuals who are here looking out for you and your business.

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