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Controlling What is Perceived & What is Real

Suggestions for how to control what employees and clients perceive vs. what is real: Write detailed proposals or scopes of work. Update regarding progress daily or provide frequent updates. Over communicate. Under promise & over-deliver. Have regular team meetings...

Things to Avoid When Networking

Here are a few things to avoid when networking: Limiting your circle of contacts: Expand your network to include professionals at varying experience levels, not just your peers. Also look outside of your industry for potential contacts. Overlooking new...

State of the Economy 2016

Our group received a great presentation today on the state of our economy. Here are a few highlights from the presentation: China's Currency Policy China's currency has been linked to the US dollar for years but they are now moving it away to trade more freely. The...

Give Value in Networking

The fastest way to grow your network is to connect with powerful connecters. Most of these connecters tend to be high-status people - so how do you get in touch with them? Give value. Giving your time, knowledge, network, and ideas, is the best way to connect with...

End of the Year Tips

At our October 26 meeting, members had the opportunity to share their end of year tips. Here is a list of what was shared! Do you have tips? Share them on our Facebook page. Henry, Petersen, Berry & Quigley CPAs Get a receipt for all cash contributions of $250 or...

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