LBRP Mission Statement

Lane Business Referral Partners is an organization that is dedicated to the memberships’ personal and business growth. At LBRP, quality business relationships are developed through regular attendance at the weekly meetings, positive support of the fellow members of the Chapter, and a commitment to pass quality referrals. The LBRP philosophy is to bring together motivated, honest, and enthusiastic business professionals who are committed to growing their business with other professionals who are committed to the same goals.



We allow one person/member per profession.


Initial application fee of $100 is required to apply for a position in the group. The group will then vote on the request. Voting will be done by email of all current members in good standing. If the group votes not to allow the member in the group, the $100 fee will be returned.


Each member is required to attend each meeting. If a member is unable to be at the meeting then a substitute may be sent in their place. If a member misses three meetings in a quarter, their position is open unless they need a leave of absence for: death, illness, or an employee related issue. A leave of absence is only given once during the quarter. If there is another leave of absence then their position will be open and they will forfeit the initial application fee of $100.

Meetings begin at 11:30. Members are expected to be on time to all meetings and stay for the entire meeting.


Visitors are encouraged. Guests will be given 2 free visits. Their lunch will be paid for by the group.


Positions will be filled with members in good standing with the group. The positions shall be elected for a six month term (excluding the Treasurer position – see below). The elections shall be held at the meeting before January 1st and July 1st. Positions are:


In charge of opening and closing the meetings, keeping the meetings on track, and enforcing the rules as set forth.



Shall keep track of attendance, take minutes, and follow up with members after absences.


Shall keep records of all monies for the group including initial application fees and any expenses that the group might have. The treasurer will be an ongoing position. The treasurer will be replaced when they give a two week notice.

Other Positions

These positions will be filled with members in good standing. These positions will also be selected for a six month term and run at the same time as the officer positions. They are:

Membership Coordinator

Responsible for following up with guests and getting application materials to those interested in joining the group. They are also responsible for answering any questions that a potential member may have.

Speaker Coordinator

Responsible for recruiting speakers for the group each week. This will be from current membership and guests.

Networking Minute

Responsible for 1-3 minute networking or educational information at each meeting.

Meetings are on Mondays @ 11:45 am

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