Building Business Through Great Relationships

Between speaker presentations, Lane Business Referral Partner (LBRP) members look at a specific challenge or situation that one member in our group is facing in their business that they need help with. Each LBRP member provides feedback, helps brainstorm new possibilities and business tips, and/or suggests structure to alleviate, improve or overcome the situation. The idea is to create a community of supportive individuals who brainstorm together and help one another to succeed.

Here are a few of our Mastermind sessions thus far:

How can I promote positivity and teamwork when the office becomes stressed?


How do I market to higher end clients?



How can I motivate my employee(s) to sell and/or talk about my organization more?



How do I achieve my life, business, and financial goals?


What are some strategies for a small business owner to stay prioritized and on-task?


What is the best approach for pricing my product? How do I communicate our unique benefits and overcome pre-conceived notions?


This meeting format has proven very helpful and effective to members so far and helps us to really get to know each other, which is the most crucial step in feeling comfortable offering a referral. Need help in your office or have great business tips that have helped you over the years? Consider joining and benefiting from our collective problem solving. 

Meetings are on Mondays @ 11:45 am

Willies Lebanese Restaurant

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