Contractor’s Electric

Industry: Electrical Construction
Contact: Jeff Brown
Phone: 541-343-2222
Location: 4224 W 7th Ave #1, Eugene, OR 97402
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About the Company:

Contractors Electric is an electrical contracting company that is dedicated to the service of our customers. Contractors Electric works on small and large projects from the switch that does not work in your house to a design build eight story apartment building. We do it all.

We have crew of skilled electricians and are always training them in the latest electrical installations and trouble-shooting. We know that electrical and lighting design is very important to any project and we have the latest software and skills to get your project done right from the very start.

Contractors Electric is owned by Steven Leuck and Jeff Brown who started the business in 2010. Jeff and Steven have a passion for electrical wiring and design. This puts us a step above the competition with our skills and the experience to get the projects done in a proper and efficient manner. Between Steven and Jeff we have over 60 years of experience in the electrical field.


Contractors Electric has been involved with LBRP for over two years. It has been a very positive experience. We feel that our connection in our local community is the best way to get the great news of our company out, and LBRP is a great way to do that. Letting a company work on the wiring in your home or business takes trust and LBRP gives us the ability to earn that trust from its members and the contacts that the members have. We also like to help the local business climate and other local businesses. LBRP gives us a way to help serve the business community and have fun doing it.

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