Eugene Science Center

Industry: Non-profit/Museum/Science Center
Contact: Peggy Whalen, Development Director
Phone: 541-682-7883
Location: 2300 Leo Harris Parkway, Eugene OR 97401
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About Eugene Science Center:

Founded in 1961 as the Southern Willamette brance of OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry), the Eugene Science Center was incorporated in 1977 as the Willamette Institue of Science and Technology (WISTEC), in 2002 it changed it’s name to the Science Factory and it focused on becoming a children’s museum, in 2003 the planetarium was acquired from the Lane Education Service District, and it became known as the Science Factory Children’s museum and Planetarium, but was generally still referred to as the Science Factory.  In 2016 with the addition of new leadership and a renewed focus on Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Education, the mission was changed to match the vision of the organization.  In January 2018 in order for the name to more clearly match up with the mission and vision the Science Factory rebranded as Eugene Science Center.
The Eugene Science Center strives to engage children, excite their curiosity, inspire them toward a lifelong love of science, and empower them to use science and technology to improve their communities.  We envision empowered communities that foster scientific learning and innovation to help create a better world.  We provide a variety of eductional programming including interactive exhibitions planetarium shows and presentations, school programs, science camps, and special events.  We serve children ages 0-14 along with their families, teachers, and guardians.


With all the exciting changes at the Eugene Science Center, networking is crucial to get the word out to the community.  We offer all sorts of business and corporate opportunities, whether it be Corporate Membership or Sponsoring an exhibit or event, being involved in a networking group that supports what we are doing and helps connect us with other businesses is very important.  Being involved in LBRP has been a positive experience for the Eugene Science Center.

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